The Arizona Downtown Alliance is a collaboration of statewide partners that work together to spur revitalization, inspire economic development, and encourage new business growth in cities and towns all across Arizona.  Partnering with local, state, and national stakeholders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, the Alliance acts as a clearinghouse for information, resources, education, and funding opportunities for citizens working to build stronger, healthier downtowns and local business districts.

Best Practices

  • Main Street Four-Point Approach®
  • Stakeholder collaborations
  • Funding solutions
  • Organizational empowerment
  • Creative problem solving strategies
  • Productive public/private partnerships


  • Resource teams
  • Speakers bureau
  • Community forums
  • Information sharing

Revitalization Services

  • Business strengthening strategies
  • Adaptive reuse and historic preservation initiatives
  • Feasibility studies
  • Master-planning services
  • Event planning services
  • Arts and cultural initiatives
  • Agri‐tourism
  • Tourism and marketing strategies

To schedule a site visit, present at an upcoming meeting, learn more about the Main Street Four-Point Approach or how we can assist you with your revitalization efforts,  please contact  Lani Lott,  Coordinator or call 602-738-8381.

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